Get notified when an artist publishes a new work on Spotify, even a remix or in a compilation!

Since I first started to use Spotify two years ago I’ve become a real fan of the service. After been subscribed to Google Play I decided to switch because of the better integration of the app with iOS.

Spotify currently have a great option to notify users when an artist publishes a new album, but it lacks the ability to warn you when these artists appear on a compilation or make a remix for other artists.

For those, as me, who follow techno music this is very convenient as we like both albums and remixes. There’re artists more famous for their collaborations than for their albums.

And that’s all about. Get notified when *any* work of an artists is pushed to Spotify.

The integration with Slack is very convenient for those who receive many emails and want to find another way to manage information.

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